Big River Glass has been providing quality residential services since 1985! We pride ourselves in using only the best installation techniques and the highest quality materials. We understand what your house means to you and our technicians are trained to be courteous and professional from start to finish resulting in our award winning service!


Do you already have existing bathroom mirrors that you would like to fancy up? Take your ordinary mirror and turn it into a custom framed wood mirror!

Big River Glass offers 2 options:



Our homes are the largest investment most of us will make in our lifetime. We take pride in our landscaping, light accents, gnomes and overall curb appeal of our homes! The last thing we want is for our homes to have white cloudy windows!

Standard Glass Edgework Samples

Have you ever cleaned your window only to discover you couldn’t clean it spotless? Was there a haze or cloud that you just couldn’t remove? If so, your insulated unit has probably failed or began the failing process. Once your double-paned glass has failed, it is time to replace it. No need to fret over the cost of removing the entire window, we can replace just the double insulated glass saving you time and money on costly entire window replacements!

Fogged double paned glass

When an insulated glass fails, the glass loses its ability to perform as it originally did. Moisture has now entered the 2 panes of glass and the overall performance has diminished. The only way to regain the energy performance of the window is to replace the faulty glass.

Double paned window
Double paned window
How a double paned window works
How a double paned window works


Big River Glass uses only the leading shower door manufacturers.


We can make the following types of mirrors:

  • Custom Vanity Mirrors/Bathroom Mirrors
  • Workout room Mirrored walls
  • Beveled Mirrors
  • Door Mirrors

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